What we love about British Heart Foundation’s “Till I Died” campaign

What we love about British Heart Foundation’s “Till I Died” campaign

Perhaps one of the most powerful marketing moments of 2024 so far, British Heart Foundation’s “Til I Died” campaign has struck a chord with thousands across the UK since its launch in June this year.

Unveiled in line with the beginning of this year’s UEFA Euros and designed to raise awareness about heart disease, “Till I Died” has seen 12 murals painted across the UK – each commemorating a young football fan who lost their life to heart disease.

A collaborative effort from British Heart Foundation and creative agency Saatchi & Saatchi, this campaign has been particularly poignant for the team here at Crush. As a fellow creative agency, the campaign quickly drew our attention as a testament to the impact that design and marketing can have for a brand. 

However, it’s also been more personal to us than that, too. It was our Founder and Creative Director, Natalie, who first noticed one of the murals right here in our hometown of Chesterfield. As someone who lives with CHD herself, the campaign immediately hit home.

About the “Till I Died” Campaign

Created to “highlight the tragic reality that 12 young people under the age of 35 are lost every week to sudden cardiac death in the UK”, “Till I Died” conveys an incredible emotive message. 

Each mural depicts a young footballer or fan who died too soon, highlighting the need for more awareness and funding to heart disease prevention and treatment. The murals have been painted in the hometowns of these 12 young people, across the UK in Belfast, Birmingham, Cardiff, Chesterfield, Edinburgh, Glasgow, London, Newcastle, Nottingham, and Southampton, and the campaign has been further supported with social content and radio ads – spreading the message even further.

“Our new campaign is a powerful reminder of the impact of sudden cardiac death. Behind every mural is a family who have lost a loved one too soon, and our teams at the BHF have worked closely and sensitively with them to ensure their relatives are remembered in a touching way.”

Damion Mower, Director of Brand at British Heart Foundation (BHF)

Since the unveiling of Tom’s mural in Chesterfield, the campaign has drawn the attention of the local community, press and media on the Tom Henson Charity, set up by Tom’s mother and stepfather. The charity works to raise money for community defibrillators, so far helping provide 34 defibrillators across the region.

To find out more about the Tom Henson Charity, please visit their website here

An example to the power of marketing

Ever since launching, the “Till I Died” campaign has created waves across the press and social media – it’s clear to see that we’re not the only ones who have been taken aback by its powerful message.

Here’s exactly what we love about the campaign:

1. It’s relevant

The timing of this campaign means that it’s been able to tap into people’s already-existing interest in the Euros, or football itself. This has widened the campaign’s audience, therefore better achieving its aims in raising awareness.

2. The messaging is perfect

A perfect balance between simplicity, clarity and sparking continued interest, the “Till I Died” campaign drives you to want to find out more. The messaging is also very emotive, fitting with the sensitivity of the story that the campaign is portraying.

3. The content is engaging

The huge murals are at the very centre of this campaign, creating a sense of urgency and offering passers-by the perfect opportunity to stop, look, take a picture and share online – just like we have in this very blog. 

4. Creativity takes the lead

With each mural hand-painted by a talented artist, this campaign truly showcases the power of investing in creative talent.

5. It’s personal

At its very core, this campaign is deeply personal. This is reflected not just in the message’s tone, but in the hometown locations of each mural – connecting each local community with the wider audience, too.

The impact

“Built on the insight that the nation is largely unaware of the devastating effect heart disease has on young people”, the “Til I Died” campaign first set out to shift perceptions and raise awareness on the issue of heart disease in the UK.

Well, it’s shifted ours – and we’re certainly not alone in that sentiment, either. 

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