Another great brand and website from Crush

Another great brand and website from Crush

DMG Asbestos Management Brand and Website

Crush has been designing and building websites now for over 15 years but we still feel the same delight now as we have always done when we publish a client website.

It still means a lot to us because choosing an agency is difficult, there are a lot of us about, and we in particular ask a lot of our clients.

Fortunately DMG Asbestos not only chose Crush but also proceeded to be a fantastic client to work with, letting us take the lead and trusting our decisions.

We are clearly biased, but we think the new brand and resulting website not only looks really good but also stands them out as the most professional in their market, and should be persuasive for the clients they hope to win and serve.

Be the judge of our work and take a look at DMG Asbestos Management


The Process

  • Client consultation – taking time to understand what the client does, who they target and what their goals are
  • Brand concepts – creating mood boards and design ideas to show different ways to present the client and their corporate identity (logo+)
  • Design development – developing and testing the brand colour palette, fonts, typography, imagery and words
  • Corporate Identity – completing logo set, stationery design, emails footers, social media theme and business cards
  • Website design – planning the customer journey and UX, developing wireframes, organising content and designing web pages as flat images
  • Website build – coding in-house the bespoke WordPress website so it is fast, responsive and has a professional feel
  • Launch – managed the hosting, DNS changes and publishing to live
  • Celebrate – write a blog post about how happy we are!
  • Support – Ongoing marketing support to promote the business, win clients and be successful

What I particularly like is how far this website is away from having pictures of men in yellow hard hats, clip boards and boiler suits. DMG Asbestos are smart, good at what they do and have a modern approach. We believe you can tell this just from the quality appearance of their new website!