What this Brand Agency will be focusing on in 2023

What this Brand Agency will be focusing on in 2023

Happy New Year!

As a die-hard optimist I start the year with the view that “it is going to be a great year”, despite the bad run we all have recently endured. And it does feel like a bad run; Covid, European wars, dictatorships, worsening international relations and a pending global recession, but is it really that bad?

We Brits do like to be a bit ‘doom and gloom’ and we employ a couple of Yorkshiremen so I know what I am talking about! But they do dour with a smile on their faces as in truth, if you focus on the important things, life is pretty good.

The year 2023 is one that we all do feel positive about at Crush, and to help us on that path here are three thoughts as we start the year.

New Years Resolution 1 – Social Media

Crush and social media

We will continue to fully engage Social Media from a business perspective, but with a very cautious eye on who (or what) is affecting the algorithms. Like the tabloids, social media feeds off negative and controversial content, so that’s what the narrative has become and maybe that is why everyone feels so negative.

As a tool for commerce and marketing, Social Media can be a very powerful way to reach and engage with your target audience, and Crush will continue to learn and improve our service so that our clients get the best return on their Social Media spend and effort.

New Years Resolution 2 – Service Our Large International Clients

globe at night

Crush won some fantastic new clients in 2022 as we pursue our ambitions to be a leading agency capable of servicing the brand and marketing requirements of large international b2b organisations (engineering and manufacturing).

We are determined in 2023 to make sure that these companies that have recently placed their trust in Crush are delighted with the service we deliver.

New Years Resolution 3 – Support Our colleagues

young workers at table with laptops

The challenges of the last few years have taught us the importance of those we work with. The team at Crush has been fantastic during the past three years, and help to sail Crush through some stormy waters.

The change in the way of working that Covid forced on us has put distance between colleagues whom previously had worked side by side for many years.

We believe that being in the same room as your colleagues (and friends) is vital for so many reasons, and in 2023 we will work hard to make sure everyone continues to feel part of the Crush tribe whilst offering the flexibility to enjoy home life.