Capturing the heart of a business: Dearneside Fabrications

Capturing the heart of a business: Dearneside Fabrications

Our latest local project: Celebrating 30 years of Dearneside Fabrications

A long-standing friend of ours here at Crush, Dearneside Fabrications is a Sheffield-based company that specialises in state-of-the-art architectural fabrications, balconies, structural steelworks and balustrades. 

This month, the award-winning construction experts reached their 30th year of business, and were keen to enlist some content creation from Crush in order to talk all about it. 

So, we quickly headed out with our camera, notepad and pen to do just that…

About Dearneside Fabrications

Dearneside is a well known brand within the construction industry, providing innovative solutions in architectural fabrications, balconies, steelworks and balustrades.

Their expertise is often unmatched within the sector, offering them opportunities to work on large, nation-wide projects such as the Battersea Power Station, Leeds Arena – plus the upcoming Everton Stadium.

Much of this success can be attributed to their staff retention, an unlikely high figure considering the context of high staff turnover rates in the construction sector. Achieved through staff investment, effective management and inspirational ambition, the people at Dearneside really are at the heart of the business – and at the heart of their 30 year success, too. 

The project: Content creation

Considering this, the people of Dearneside, we decided to chat with some of the Dearneside team and hear their thoughts on why they have stayed in their roles, as well as what they thought on Dearneside’s success. 

We wanted to capture every aspect of the company, speaking with people from the estimating, drawing and management offices, as well as those working on site and on the shopfloor. 

Conducting these interviews, we discovered the duality of Dearneside: its big-picture ambition, state-of-the-art technology, training and corporate mindset, as well as its raw quality of craftsmanship, exceptionally skilled team of workers and down-to-earth attitude.

The outcome: Effective storytelling and photography

Through a series of articles, we quoted what the people at Dearneside told us and created insightful thought-pieces on some of the sector’s most pressing topics, such as retention, staff investment and development, and award-winning project work

Our photography then focused on further portraying these stories, showcasing the staff’s working environment and day-to-day life at Dearneside. 

In doing so, we established a beautiful contrast within our powerful photography that portrayed Dearneside’s ethos, culture and overall brand as a Sheffield born-and-bred construction company making huge waves across the UK.

Check out the articles on Dearneside’s website here.