O.C.O Technology delivers a world first in the permanent capture of carbon dioxide for use in sustainable construction products. Its revenue growth over the last six years has rocketed from £600k in the UK to £13 million globally.  The company needed to rebrand to better reflect its global acceleration, and the opportunity presented itself in 2019 when the company was released from a royalty agreement.

One small requirement – the re-brand needed to take place within a legally-agreed 12-week period. 

We worked closely with the client to firstly assist in deciding the new company name and securing the associated domain, and then developing a fresh brand identity with full brand guidelines. Using this as the basis, we progressed onto designing and building a new website, along with sales collateral and a whole selection of branded goods. Signage needed to be updated across their three sites in Leeds, Avonmouth and Brandon which included silos and tankers. 

In addition we delivered a photoshoot across all three sites and produced a set of exhibition stand graphics and materials – this really was a comprehensive rebrand! 

“With no experience of brand marketing and certainly not on this scale, we literally did not know where to start with a project that involved rebranding across company name, logo, website, materials, PPE, internal and external communications, and tanker graphics. We chose Crush because it was clear from Day One (and from Natalie’s calls from her family holiday in Mauritius!) that this project mattered as much to Crush as it did to us. Their ‘to do’ list of 154 items might have seemed overwhelming against such a tight deadline but we had implicit trust in their capability to deliver. Without question, the shiny big-officed rival who also pitched for this project could not have matched the attention to detail or care to deliver that we received from the team at Crush.”

Karen Finch, Company Administration Manager, O.C.O. Technology