Snake Professional

Snake Professional is one of the leading suppliers of equipment for handling dangerous snakes. They are part of 1-2-1 Animal Handling Products Group, who specialise is handling all dangerous animals.

The Snake Professional brand was first developed as a result of the success of their specialist soft snake handling gloves. Prior to the launch of their Venom Defender Snake Gloves, all previous protection was made of hard materials, making it harder to handle the snakes carefully.

Always the innovators, the team at Snake Professional turned to the medical industry for the newest material technology, that was being used for handling and picking up hypodermic needles.

As a result, their Venom Defender snakes gloves are considered the best in the market, as handlers can feel more connected to their animals whilst remaining 100% safe.

Growing a successful specialist product brand

Like many innovators, Snake Professional worked hard to established the business themselves, however this brand had the potential to be much bigger that they had the expertise for.

They commissioned Crush to help them develop the brand, digital presence and ecommerce systems that could reach the full international market potential.

Brand development

Creating a brand for this client was an interesting challenge as they have two quite distinct types of buyers. These buyers groups were;

  1. Commercial buyers, including zoos, vets, pet shops and border control/customs
  2. Enthusiasts, those with personal dangerous snake collections

The commercial clients would just want confidence in the company they were buying from.

Snake enthusiasts really are passionate about their hobby, so their connection to the brand would be emotional, that of pride in the snakes they owned and the kit they had.

Get the brand right by this audience and our client would win advocacy around the world!

A Mark You Can Trust

Anyone who is anyone in the venomous snake community should want Snake Professional kit. Anything without the Snake Professional mark should be considered inferior.

To own Snake Professional kit is to be proud and show-off.

These guys would happily wear a Snake Professional emblem on their shirts.

A brand for everywhere

Crush has completed the work with the client to perfect a global look for this growing company.

We have since rolled out the brand on a new Global Shopify Ecommerce Website, logos have been printed on all their equipment and exhibition stands have been designed.

For more information about this project, or if you are trying to develop a brand and design that will really help to advance your business then please do not hesitate to contact: studio@crush-design.co.uk

Crush have been quick to understand our rather unique business and the customers that we cherish.

The brand they have developed could not have been more perfect, and the new website has already transformed our business.

Clem - Managing Director